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Other Published Works

Other Published Works

Sam Volpentest

“What Are They Going to Call It?” Sam Volpentest and LIGO The IEDC Economic Development Journal, Fall 2016 “What Are They Going to Call It?” (.pdf)
“We Will Not Let This Place Dry Up and Blow Away” The Economic Development Journal, Summer 2014. EDJ_14_Summer_Smith (.pdf)

Harry P. Cain

“The Contrarian,” Arches, Spring, 2009. 18-23. The Contrarian UPS Arches Spring2009 (.pdf)

“Hurry Cain,” Columbia, Summer, 2010. 4-12. Hurry Cain Columbia Sum2010 (.pdf)

Lyle S. Shelmidine

“From Tarsus to Tacoma (part 1),” BizLetter (Tarsus, Turkey), 2012-2. 18-20. Tarsus to Tacoma Part 1 (pdf)

“From Tarsus to Tacoma (part 2),” BizLetter (Tarsus, Turkey), 2012-3. . Tarsus-to-TacomaPart2July2012YENI (.pdf)

“Searching for Dr. Shelmidine, Arches, Winter, 2013. 10-14. arches_winter13_pp10-14 (.pdf)